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The charming suburb-within-the-city of Chevy Chase, D.C., is a neighborhood with a strong sense of community and host to unique properties that combine to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Chevy Chase offers serene suburban living and access to excellent schools while being within easy reach of important D.C. hubs such as Bethesda and downtown Washington, D.C. Houses for sale in Chevy Chase D.C have easy access into other districts within the Washington D.C. Metro Area for work.

Chevy Chase’s streets and homes are full of character. Houses in the area have been built in classical architectural styles, but they also incorporate design elements to provide a unique flair for each property.

The pleasant tree-lined streets and surrounding creeks make it easy to forget Chevy Chase is a district in the city of Washington D.C. The area has a distinctly suburban feel, but has an abundance of quality cafes and restaurants that show this quaint neighborhood is entrenched with urban amenities.


Real estate in Chevy Chase’s D.C has an eclectic collection of classically-designed properties set on well-maintained lawns and gardens, with many dating back to the community’s foundation over a hundred years ago. Properties in Chevy Chase are generally larger than in most other areas of D.C., which adds to the area’s popularity.

Some of Chevy Chase’s most elegant properties lie on Rittenhouse Street, a redwood-lined stretch of mixed Colonials, four squares, porched bungalows, and Victorian homes.

The average price per square foot is currently $531, with a median sales price of $995,000.


Chevy Chase’s community-oriented residents span generations, with young families living beside retirees in the eclectic homes which architecturally reflect the diversity of this pleasant neighborhood’s residents. Most new residents quickly fall in love with Chevy Chase’s welcoming atmosphere, with new neighbors often dropping by with freshly-baked welcoming gifts.

Residents are well served by Chevy Chase’s excellent educational establishments, with Lafayette and Murch ranked as two of the wider city’s best elementary schools.

While much of Chevy Chase’s appeal lies within its blend of suburban charm and big-city accessibility, it has a greater variety of shops and restaurants than you would find in most truly suburban areas. The area along Connecticut Avenue hosts a range of beloved local shops and restaurants, such as the American City Diner, Macon Bistro, and Blue 44. The Little Red Fox is a standout, offering delicious home-style American cuisine and rich cups of coffee. Connecticut Avenue is also home to the historic Avalon Theater and the highly-regarded Politics & Prose, which ranks as one of the United States’ finest independent bookstores, regularly hosting special events with visiting authors.

Chevy Chase also offers easy access to entertainment events and shopping in nearby areas, such as the high-end fashion stores of Friendship Heights.

The 1,754-acre Rock Creek Park borders Chevy Chase and offers a great variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, horse riding, sports facilities, and the chance to glimpse numerous wild animals. Rock Creek Park is one of the United States’ most historic National Parks as it received this designation in 1890 and is the nation’s third park to be awarded National Park status.

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