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Chevy Chase is one of the D.C. area’s most beautiful and exclusive suburbs, home to gorgeous stately homes on expansive lots. Real Estate in Chevy Chase, MD,  is in close proximity to the capital and close-knit community feel make it a popular choice among high-level government workers and political journalists.

With around 2000 residents, Chevy Chase is an intimate community offering incredible privacy. Residents are well served by first-class amenities, including some of the finest schools in the country and the exclusive members-only Chevy Chase Club.
Homes for sale in Chevy Chase, MD offer understated elegance and spacious living quarters in splendid seclusion and privacy. Rolling Road and Leland Street offer a range of charming homes, with the surrounding oak trees offering privacy and serenity. Beautiful architecture lines the streets throughout Chevy Chase, with many stunning romantic homes dating back to the early 20th century.

Chevy Chase’s blend of charming properties and seclusion within easy reach of other areas of D.C. make it a highly desirable area to live, with average property prices per square foot of $505 being more than double the Washington Metro area average of $223. The median home value in Chevy Chase is $1,104,000, and this has risen by 2.3% over the past year.

Chevy Chase’s residents include numerous political and literary luminaries, including Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, best-selling author Ann Brashares, journalists such as Marvin Kalb, Mark Shields, Chris Matthews, and countless others, as well as residents who occupy high-level government positions. Chevy Chase is one of the most well-educated small towns in America, with more than 80% of its residents being university educated. Along with those involved in D.C.’s political scene, Chevy Chase’s residents include many lawyers, doctors, and business people. Census data places Chevy Chase as one of the most affluent areas in America, with a median income above $250,000 – the highest figure which census data can record.

Much of Chevy Chase’s appeal stems from being an immaculately maintained community. Well-tended lawns and flowerbeds lie beside spotless streets and sidewalks. The local police force provides one of the highest ratios of officers to residents in the country, contributing to peaceful Chevy Chase’s incredibly low crime rate. Strict zoning laws ban commercial activity within Chevy Chase, allowing the community to maintain its quiet residential charm. Many shopping options lie within easy reach of Chevy Chase homes, with the popular Friendship Heights shopping district and stores belonging to high-end fashion retailers such as Gucci, Bvlgari, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Jimmy Choo lying are just beyond Chevy Chase town limits.

Chevy Chase’s prestigious educational facilities attract families looking for a private area situated within easy reach of D.C., with Chevy Chase and Somerset Elementary Schools being very highly regarded, and Walt Whitman High School ranking as the best school in Maryland and the 55th best in the United States.

Real estate in Chevy Chase, MD, has first-class amenities rounded out by the extremely exclusive members-only Chevy Chase Club. The Chevy Chase Club has been at the center of local life since 1892, offering golf, tennis, swimming, and ice-skating facilities, along with gorgeous gardens and a beautiful clubhouse.

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