Architecturally diverse village with abundant green spaces nestled within the city of Washington.

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Cleveland Park is a picturesque community nestled within the city of Washington D.C. Residents are drawn to this village for its gorgeous tree-lined streets, diverse architecture, and plentiful green spaces. At present, homes for sale in Cleveland Park  have a genuine welcoming spirit and close-knit community.

The area comprising Cleveland Park has offered residents respite from the nearby city for centuries, from the establishment of the Rosedale Estate by an aide of George Washington in 1793 to the development of a summer estate by Grover Cleveland in 1886. Others followed President Cleveland’s lead in establishing summer residences in this elevated area that offers cool breezes and an escape from the humidity which can engulf other areas of D.C. in summer. Cleveland Park takes its name from the President who played such an important role in its early development and many of its historic homes date back to this early period in Cleveland Park’s history.

A strong sense of history and civic pride is inescapable while wandering through Cleveland Park’s architecturally diverse streets and exploring the abundance of restaurant and entertainment options along the Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenue corridors. It’s no wonder many residents end up living here permanently.
Cleveland Park real estate is an eclectic mix of traditional four squares, Georgians, Queen Anne Victorians, Wardman townhouses, cottages, and even a few stunning modern architectural wonders, including one of only three houses in the world designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei. The elegant Victorian homes dating back to the era of Grover Cleveland are some of Cleveland Park’s most beautiful properties, with those centered around Newark Street and Highland Place being particularly notable for their charm.

The median sales price of homes within Cleveland Park is $450,000, while the price per square foot is currently $594 and trending upwards.
Cleveland Park’s easy walkability and abundant green spaces contribute to the civic mindedness of an area in which neighbors often encounter each other while strolling through its splendid tree-lined streets. The Cleveland Park Citizens Association and Cleveland Park Historical Society are two community organizations which play a very active role in maintaining the neighborhood’s historic character and engaging residents in issues affecting the area. Cleveland Park residents’ proudly come together most notably on the first Sunday of each October with the Cleveland Park Day celebration.

The green spaces of the Tregaron and Rosedale Conservatories are an enduring legacy of Cleveland Park’s dedication to community and civic mindedness. The three-acre Rosedale Conservatory was earmarked for development in 2001, but local residents clubbed together to form The Rosedale Conservancy which raised the $12 million necessary for turning the area into a park the whole community could enjoy, and in doing so protected the area from development of any kind.

While Cleveland Park can feel suburban or even village-like in its close sense of community, the bustling thoroughfares of Wisconsin Avenue and Connecticut Avenue offer plenty of city-style opportunities for shopping and nightlife. Notable among the plethora of options for dining out are Silver Diner, Cactus Cantina, Barcelona Wine Bar, 2 Amys, and Medium Rare.

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