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Nestled in a quiet corner of north-western D.C. but situated just minutes away from the bustle and nightlife of Dupont Circle and Georgetown, Kalorama is one of the most sophisticated and upscale communities in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Among its immaculate gardens and marble fountains lie expansive pre-war homes and gorgeous examples of classical architecture. Situated on the eastern side of Rock Creek Park, Kalorama real estate is in proximity to the exciting cultural centers of Dupont Circle and Georgetown is balanced by a wealth of green space which contributes to the area’s relaxed atmosphere.

Kalorama has long provided respite for some of the D.C. area’s most prominent political figures, including five United States Presidents and countless foreign ambassadors. The tree-lined Tony section has been home to Barack and Michelle Obama and their daughters since they left the White House in January 2017, with other notable current residents including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, as well as billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Serene Kalorama attracts its extremely illustrious residents with its unique architecture and its perfect balance of calm, quiet seclusion within easy reach of some of D.C.’s most exciting and important areas. Kalorama means ‘beautiful view’ in Greek, and the area’s verdant green spaces and gorgeous architecture make this a perfectly appropriate name.

The Obamas’ residence is a stunning example of the beautiful properties which lend Kalorama its unique charm. The grand red-brick exterior of this 8,200-square-foot home on the Tony section’s Belmont Road NW hides a pristine white interior which includes nine bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms over three stories.

Kalorama is distinctly unique as the area’s real estate portfolio exudes esoteric charm, character and diversity, with no two properties looking exactly alike. Colonial Revival mansions count among Kalorama’s most stunning properties, including the former homes of Presidents William H. Taft and Herbert Hoover, both of which have since been converted into foreign embassies.

Median home values in Kalorama have risen by 5.5% over the past year and currently stand at $1,357,200, with their upward trajectory expected to continue.

Since Kalorama’s early development in the late-19th century, its elegant and iconic residences have made it a popular choice among Presidents, cabinet members, Supreme Court justices, and foreign dignitaries.

Homes for sale in Kalorama Heights has the reputation of a serene oasis within easy reach of some of Washington D.C.’s most exciting areas gives a good impression of the blissful peace its high-profile residents enjoy, but Kalorama is not without some impressive amenities of its own. Restaurant Nora is America’s first certified organic restaurant, and this forward-thinking establishment has delighted residents with its excellent cuisine for almost 40 years. Kalorama has numerous other restaurants offering high-end international cuisine, including Veritas Wine Bar, The Russia House, Teaism, Bistrot du Coin, and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, the latter of which is housed in a stunning mock-Tudor castle.

It’s this type of extravagant, elegant, and unusual architecture that makes Kalorama real estate an appealing place to live. A stroll through the majestic tree-lined neighborhoods reveals an endless stream of architectural masterpieces.

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