5 Home Features That Will Make Your Kids Happy

David Hatef

Raising kids while maintaining a stylish home can challenge any homeowner. After all, the kids need a place to be kids, not to mention a relaxing spot where families can spend quality time together. However, there are many options available today that make it easier than ever for kids and parents to coexist without sacrificing a beautiful (and clean!) home. Read on to learn about five possibilities that just might be the perfect fit for your family. 


Outdoor living spaces are ideal for families. The kids have plenty of room to spread out and play, while the adults can sit back and relax. For instance, consider putting in an outdoor living room and kitchen that includes a grilling area and pizza oven. This is a great way to get the kids involved with cooking. A playset with a playhouse would also provide hours of fun for children. Plus, outdoor living spaces are a wonderful way to add value to the entire home.


Kids love playing games, so why not convert a bonus room into a no-holds-barred game room? Combine the best of old school games with the latest electronics into a space even the adults will covet. Think widescreen TVs outfitted with gaming systems, ping pong and billiard tables, and retro arcade games like Pac Man, Galaga and Donkey Kong. Parents, beware: You may never get the kids out of here. Then again, it may be difficult for any family member to vacate this space. 


The kids begged for a dog and swore they would help care for it. Help them deliver on their promise with a dedicated dog washing station. These pampering spots include a shower or tub outfitted with a hand-held shower head, a clip for tethering dogs who aren’t fond of bathtime, and storage space. To make it easier to reach the dog while bathing, consider an elevated tub or shower. These are great additions to laundry rooms or mudrooms. 


Sometimes kids want their own place to hang out with friends, play dress up or get lost in their favorite book. Convert some unused attic space into a reading nook with window seats and comfy furnishings. Or turn your basement into the ultimate sleepover spot for the kids and all their friends. The great thing about spaces like this is you can change it up as the kids get older. Just update the paint and furnishings along the way. 


Kids today seem to have more homework than ever before, so consider creating a home office just for them. Perhaps a built-in unit that includes plenty of desk space as well as shelving and drawers for storage. Or carve out a work station that accommodates a computer and writing space. Many of these rooms can easily transition from elementary through high school, with minimal changes to décor and furniture.

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