8 Landscaping Tips To Make Your Curb Appeal Pop

David Hatef


You have the perfect home: a dreamy kitchen, an incredible backyard living space, and a jaw-dropping master bedroom. But if you look at your front yard and it feels like something is missing, don’t let it curb your enthusiasm! These eight striking ideas will help your home’s curb appeal reach its highest potential. 


Grabbing attention is all about texture. Using the same material for every inch of your home can look monotonous. Instead, shake things up by adding stonework to your brick walls for a fun twist on traditional wainscoting, or emphasize wood beams to evoke a Tudor feel for your house. People will undoubtedly take notice. 

Don’t be afraid to branch out. Combining shrubs and flowers of varying heights, shapes, and species can also add intrigue and immediately boost curb appeal. Rather than choosing standalone flowers, consider eye-catching arrangements that will bloom at different points in the season for an ongoing burst of color. Clusters typically spark interest more than individual elements, so consider planting them along the drive to draw the eye toward the front door. 


You could play it safe—opting for muted tones in the same color family on your home’s exterior can create a seamless effect. But even the smallest drop of color can spruce up your front yard façade. Try multicolored siding to create dimension or repaint trim a complementary color for a low-stakes change with high impact.

Dress up your home with dark gray trim or opt for the warm tones of wood to imbue its color. Saturate your entryway with sunny yellow or let a petal pink balance stark white painted brick. No matter which exterior design elements you choose, let your colors shine through. 


The lawn isn’t what it used to be. Spacious lawns are being remodeled and reduced as ecologically conscious homeowners move toward a more hardscape-oriented front yard. Limit your water consumption while maintaining aesthetic appeal with hardscaping hacks, like designing a stone path that follows the natural curve of your lawn, while simultaneously narrowing the extent of solely grassy areas. A yard with a smaller growing footprint can lower time devoted to maintenance and help shrink the use of important resources. 

Additionally, hardscaping works in tandem with preexisting softscaping landmarks–the horticultural elements of your lawn–and invites practicality into your outdoor living space. Whether it is a loveseat bench beneath a cherry tree, a brick patio surrounded by hydrangeas, or a Balinese-inspired covered lounge, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor can create a home you won’t need a vacation from. 


Sometimes transforming a space is as easy as dressing it up in new fixtures. For buyers, having updated accessories–everything from front door mailboxes to outdoor lighting–can make an impact on their overall impression. 

At first it might seem tedious to refurbish seemingly unnoticeable details, but the magic is in the minutiae. Simple changes like adding an antique brass knocker to your front door or replacing a run-of-the-mill mailbox with something more striking can instantly brighten a home’s appearance. 


Personality is in the pieces you choose to decorate your space with, and the front porch is no different. Every choice is a reflection of your tastes, so don’t skimp on the finer points of design just by overlooking its importance! Everything from the flower arrangements to throw pillows to the playing cards on the side table have an impact. 

Reach for a retro effect by repurposing vintage pieces, like planters crafted from pitchers or a lace tablecloth, or aim for a more contemporary look with sleek metal accents. Don’t shy away from letting your style tastes shine in your entry area because these expressive details turn a house into a home!


Make dining an experience. If your space can accommodate it, updating your outdoor entryway with seating can instantly vitalize your home’s curb appeal. Multi-functional spaces, like a patio with a breakfast nook or fully devoted outdoor dining rooms, will take home design to the next level. 

Enjoy mornings on the deck with a cup of coffee, or break for lunch on a second story balcony. Create an outdoor dining area a la Parisian cafes from the comfort of your patio with a French-inspired bistro set, or turn up the heat with an outdoor fireplace to make the most of your Washington, D.C. real estate year round. Whichever way you rejuvenate your open-air dining options, it will boost your home’s streetside impression. 


Refinishing wooden accents on any outdoor space is a surefire way to revamp the area. Because outdoor furniture is subject to all the elements, it benefits from a little TLC. Options for wood stains may seem a bit confusing–varnish, gel-stains, water-based, oil-based–but finding the right stain for the job can make it easy. Luckily, oil-based stains can help protect wood pieces while simultaneously adjusting the color so that you can create a look you love while cherishing your favorite furnishings. 

It doesn’t have to stop with furniture, either. Decks, railings, and support beams can all be transformed with a wood stain. High contrast design, like matching whitewashed wooden columns with black shutters, plays nicely against a brick façade. 


Your front door is one of the first impressions your house will make and truly is a gateway to your world. Inside, you build a life with each memory made. It’s important to choose the right front door for what’s inside. Of course, this involves selecting the right shade. From slate gray to robin’s egg blue, Living Coral to deep black, each color carries its own character, and finding a shade that compliments your house’s exterior while simultaneously fitting your style preferences is a must.

However, a striking front door can mean more than a few coats of paint. A round top arched door adds charm to a home with stone accents, while French-style front doors with paned glass breathe new life into an entryway. 

Each home can boost its front yard status with a few simple tweaks, whether it’s updating outdoor light fixtures or renovating a lawn with hardscaping details. Contact me today to find Washington, D.C. luxury estates with undeniable curb appeal.


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