Historic Home Shopping? Check Out These 4 D.C. Neighborhoods

David Hatef


D.C.’s historic property market is unlike anywhere else in the country. These homes have a past rooted in America’s founding and have been specially preserved to make sure this grand legacy is available for future generations. Some of the most historic homes are comfortably nestled in a thriving metropolitan area, where the past and present meet on common ground.

Are you looking to buy a historic home in D.C.? Explore these luxury neighborhoods. 


This suburban paradise is located near Bethesda and Downtown Washington, easily accessing anywhere in the D.C. metro area. Chevy Chase features homes designed in classic styles, and each one is specially built with unique character.

There is a bounty of properties available today that are over a century old, having been built during the community’s origins. Fashioned in older styles, these residencies are larger than anywhere else in D.C. and feature sprawling gardens and lawns. You won’t find an enchanting traditional atmosphere quite like this in any other neighborhood. 


Cleveland Park is a gorgeous tree-lined community with innate appeal. The variety of historic homes in Cleveland Park is astounding. On the same block, it’s common to have a picturesque mix of different architectural styles all highlighting one another. The neighborhood is named after former President Grover Cleveland, who developed here in efforts to escape the summer heat by working with the area’s natural elevation and breezes. 

Classic homes embody this community’s nature of luxury. Georgians, Queen Anne Victorians, Wardman townhouses, and cottages are all around the neighborhood. Locals enjoy the diversity and endless options for world-class amenities, such as gourmet restaurants, luxury shopping, and fine entertainment. 


Located in the District’s tranquil northwestern section, Kalorama is one of D.C.’s most adorable communities. Meaning “beautiful view” in Greek, Kalorama is named for its thriving greenery and lovely architecture. 

In Kalorama, each and every house is a unique creation. Amongst the endless diversity, Kalorama is specifically known for its collection of impeccably-styled Colonial Revival houses. This scenic community makes every day absolutely breathtaking. 


Logan Circle offers an eclectic mix of history and modernity. This vibrant urban space highlights the stoic nature of history’s landmarks, many of which are houses. The most grandiose properties are set around the neighborhood’s eponymous traffic circle, which is the last fully residential traffic circle in the entire District. 

Here, you’ll find an array of opulent grand Victorian townhouses. These luxury living quarters transport residents into the rich past with every eye-catching detail. Besides these Victorian mansions, there are over 700 properties on Fourteenth Street that comprise the awe-inspiring historic district. 

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