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If you are considering selling your Oak Hill, Tennessee, home, then you undoubtedly know what a valuable commodity you have on your hands. As one of the most desirable and highly sought-after neighborhoods in Nashville, there is high demand for your property.

As an accomplished Oak Hill, Tenn., real estate agent, David Hatef has the resources and talent to help you get the best offer for your home. Considered to be one of the top 1.5% of all agents in the country, David has the tenacity to understand the unique needs of his clientele, using his legal training to negotiate complex transactions with ease.

David Hatef employs world-class marketing skills to list your Oak Hill, Tenn., luxury estate for sale, understanding what verified prospective buyers want to see in a listing to ensure your home gets the attention it deserves.

What buyers consider the most important aspects of a real estate listing

The National Association of Realtors® recently released the 2023 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, which revealed what prospective buyers value most from a real estate listing. The results are as follows:
  • Photos: 85%.
  • Detailed information about properties for sale: 80%.
  • Real estate agent contact information: 53%.
  • Floor plans: 49%.
  • Virtual tours: 39%.
  • Pending sales/contract status: 36%.
  • Detailed information about recently sold properties: 35%.
  • Neighborhood information: 31%.
  • Interactive maps: 28%.
  • Videos: 27%.
  • Information about upcoming open houses: 13%.
  • Virtual open houses: 11%.
  • Virtual listing appointments: 9%.
  • Real estate news or articles: 6%.

Why professional photography is essential

The most critical part of a listing for buyers is access to high-quality photos. Without good photographs, most people will keep scrolling and not even notice your property. According to the National Association of Realtors®, 96% of all buyers used the internet to search for a new home, and an astounding 51% of buyers found their home on the internet compared to only 4% of buyers that found their dream home from a yard sign. That means many people are looking at the photos, so they need to be first-rate.

As the old adage goes, "First impressions are everything!" A professional photographer can ensure buyers see a clean, sharp image every time. Gone are the days of a real estate agent clicking a few photos on their smartphone for a listing.

In today's competitive, high-end luxury market, images must be perfect. There also needs to be plenty of photos that showcase each room in the house, including the exterior and any notable features. However, there is a fine line between too much and too little, so a listing needs enough images to entice a buyer but not too many to frustrate them.

A professional photographer can change a cloudy sky blue, delete unwanted images from a background, and ensure proper lighting techniques are used to get the perfect shot. Perfectly staged photos are worth their weight in gold and will help make the selling process faster and easier.

Services a professional photographer can provide to make a real estate listing stand out

In addition to high-quality still photos, a professional photographer can also provide the following services to enhance the real estate listing:
  • Aerial photos and video.
  • Interactive floor plans.
  • Interior walkthrough videos.
  • 3D home tours.
  • Virtual home tours.

The significance of providing a detailed description of your Oak Hill, Tenn., luxury estate

A detailed property description provides prospective buyers with the information they need to determine if they want to learn more about a home. If it is vague and missing pertinent data, the buyer could be easily frustrated and move on to look at other properties. In today's digital world, people want detailed information at their immediate disposal without waiting for clarification or wasting time making phone calls.

The information every good real estate description must contain

A good property description must have a compelling narrative and include the following components:
  • Highlights desirable features of the home.
  • Points out anything unique about the property, such as having an ocean view, being close to downtown, having a waterfront, and being close to historical features.
  • Discusses noteworthy extras (fireplace, solar panels, security system, pool, deck, basement, garage, guest house, etc.).
  • Summarizes any recent renovations or upgrades to the property.
  • Lists the total square footage of the home and the dimensions of each room.
  • Lists the lot size of the property.
  • Details any notable brands (flooring, appliances, window treatments, etc.).
  • Mentions any designers involved with the construction of the home.
  • Includes the asking price and MLS® identification number.

It is imperative to have a property description that is grammatically correct without any spelling errors. Some buyers will forgo scheduling a viewing of a property if the description in the listing is inaccurate or hard to read.

David Hatef has extensive experience writing property descriptions that will catch the attention of verified buyers who want to learn more about purchasing your Oak Hill, Tenn., luxury estate.

David Hatef ensures the listing for your Oak Hill, Tenn., luxury estate contains all the information buyers are looking for

Recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the "Best Real Estate Professionals in America," David Hatef is a highly regarded luxury Oak Hill, Tenn., real estate agent that cares about the needs of his high-level clientele.

Contact David Hatef to learn how he can help sell your Oak Hill, Tenn., luxury estate. He is committed to attaining the highest level of knowledge, service, and expertise and can provide peace of mind that you will achieve the most favorable outcome.


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