Benefits Of Buying A Home In The Winter

David Hatef

If the thought of buying a home in the winter makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Many people don’t like the idea of traipsing around in the frigid temperatures and inclement weather, shopping for a new home. But the good news is, there are several advantages to buying a home in the winter. Although it’s not the most popular season, you can benefit from going against the grain because the buying process may actually be more productive and, yes, even easier. Keep reading to discover why buying a home during the winter months makes perfect sense.

1. Your Chances of Getting a Deal Increase

While the holidays can throw a wrench in the selling process, sellers who don’t take their home off the market during the holidays may need to sell their home fast, which is great news for you. Perhaps the seller needs to relocate for work, or maybe they are moving into a new home themselves. Whatever the reason, the situation may be dire enough that they are willing to take a lower offer. Sellers get far less attention in the winter and are eager to work with interested buyers. Even better, less buyers means the chances of a bidding war are reduced. 

2. People are Generally Nicer During the Holiday Season

Between the twinkling lights, decorations, classic carols and comfort food, people tend to be friendly and more open to strangers during the holidays. Many are in better spirits and you can reap the benefits, particularly if you are too, thanks to a little holiday cheer. Sellers may be more open to your offer simply because of the season.

3. There are Tax Advantages

Some homeowners prefer to sell their home in winter since it might improve their tax situation - I am not a tax expert and be sure to consult with your tax advisor. As a buyer, there’s nothing better than working with a motivated seller, because they are willing to negotiate. They get the tax advantage and you get the best deal. Just remember not to low ball them with the offer. That could backfire and make them not want to work with you at all. 

4. Everyone is Less Busy

Spring and summer is when everyone looks for any excuse to get out of the office. They are either on vacation, attending a wedding, or taking the day off to hit the beach. In winter, things slow down, people are less busy, almost always at their desk, and much easier to get a hold of – this includes both your Realtor® and your lender. With more time on their hands, you don’t have to wait as long to get your agent’s attention. To the extent you are looking for year-round excellence, I encourage to read my client reviews and see that responsive and bespoke service is a hallmark of my practice.

5. You Can See The Home In Harsh Weather

In the middle of summer, you may not notice that the home is dark or the windows are drafty, but in the winter, you can see firsthand how the home operates under less than ideal conditions. Bigger problems are more likely to appear when the weather is inclement. You’ll know if the insulation is lacking or if the furnace isn’t working properly. Knowing those details can make a difference how you negotiate or whether you decided to buy the home at all.

6. Mortgage Rates Could Rise

In the winter, you can buy a new home before a rate hike in the New Year. If you want to save extra money, it’s a good idea to be aware of the financial climate and jump on the opportunity to buy before the interest rates increase. Be sure to consult your mortgage broker for the best advice on locking down a good interest rate. 

​​​​​​​Are you thinking about buying a home this season? What perks have you seen? Share in the comments section and let us know! 


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