How to Get Multiple Offers Fast on Your Home in 2023

David Hatef

The heated seller's market of 2020-2022 has leveled out, with demand starting to match inventory as interest rates have increased. For those listing their home in 2023, the low interest rates of last year have caused the buying frenzy to cease. Even with higher interest rates, the homes for sale in Green Hills, TN, are still in high demand, making this one of the best communities in the Nashville area.

This luxury real estate market has seen an increase in median sales price since last year, owing mainly to low inventory, and homes in Green Hills are still selling quickly and sometimes over the asking price. With the neighborhood's price point rising, those looking to sell their properties will be pleasantly surprised at their homes’ increase in value. But receiving multiple offers takes finesse, and those considering selling their Green Hills home should think outside the box to achieve those results.

Marketing Excellence

If you aim to receive multiple offers on your home, your marketing efforts should be enticing and professional. From the images you choose down to the property description, the online listing is almost always your first impression and you will want to put your best foot forward. In this always-connected age, you can digitally stage a home, offer virtual tours, and do video walkthroughs,giving potential buyers more opportunities to fall in love with your property.

Your agent should make your front yard For Sale sign visible to those driving by, but you need to expand your pool of buyers beyond those who live and visit the neighborhood. With a beautiful and robust internet presence, your agent will be booking showings and fielding offers. Your real estate agent will be an invaluable resource in this department since their industry connections will spread the word faster than on social media alone.

Asset Creation - Stunning Photography

If your listing photos exude luxury, your high-end price point will be reasonable and alluring. With most home buyers shopping online, ensure that the first image they see is of your home in the best light. With exquisite photos of every room that show the house's layout, you will encourage those who were only thinking about buying a home to make a move and schedule a showing.

When you put in the effort to have the home staged and professionally photographed, you are increasing traffic to your listing and further supporting your home’s sales price. The materials that you use to market your property will either draw people in or reduce clicks to your advertisement.

Strategic Pricing

Another strategy for those looking to sell their home with multiple offers would be to list the home at a reasonable price but slightly below the average for the neighborhood. While you may not want to list below the market value, you might have several buyers looking to cash in on your good deal when you price the home under the perceived value, particularly when the property is marketed luxuriously and thoughtfully. Generating interest from multiple buyers tends to drive the price well over asking.

If you were to price high in hopes of getting multiple offers, your property will likely sit on the market with little interest. If you want to receive offers the instant your home hits the market, price your property on the lower end for your neighborhood and make sure you hire an agent who can market the home beautifully, and offers will roll in.

Be Flexible with Showings

If multiple offers are what you are after, you should be willing to let selling agents and their clients tour your home at their convenience. If you have restrictions on what days or times you can show your home, you might be missing out on potential buyers that would love to throw their hats in the ring.

With wide windows of time open for showings, and a willingness to host an open house, you are opening the home to a broader pool of buyers. Another good rule of thumb is trying not to be home when the property is being shown. When buyers tour a home with their agent, they want to be honest about your home meeting their specifications. If you are standing in the kitchen, they might be reluctant to share enthusiasm or criticism of the space.

Polish the Apple

You would be surprised what a fresh coat of paint and matching modern hardware does for a home. If you want to polish up a well-worn and well-loved home, you can begin by buffing out any dings and disaster zones that have inevitably popped up over the years. While there are many small ways for you to increase your home’s curb appeal without spending too much retirement money, there are other upgrades you can make in an effort to make more in the eventual sale of the property.

Replacing the old carpet or renovating the kitchen can increase your home's curb appeal and even elevate your property to a new price point. Whether you decide to add some hanging plants or install an indoor pool, your property’s first impression should reel buyers in.

Hire the Best Agent

If you are selling your home in the Green Hills, TN, real estate market, you will want to work with a reliable agent who can list your home with confidence and professionalism. When it comes to marketing a property, your agent should take the lead on listing photos and staging. Your agent can get you in touch with the best contractors to fix up the space, and they have connections with other agents working the market.

The homes for sale in Green Hills, Tennessee, are some of the best in Nashville, and with magnificent staging and flexibility, you could receive multiple offers in no time. David Hatef is a trustworthy agent with years of experience leading clients to the closing table. David is well-equipped to market your home, negotiate on your behalf, and help you get a sales price that far exceeds your expectations.


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