5 Expert Tips for the Pre-Settlement Walkthrough

David Hatef

5 Expert Tips for a Final Walkthrough Before Closing

The housing market is on fire and showing no signs of slowing down. With inventory at an all-time low, buying a home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Getting your offer accepted, particularly if there is a bidding war, is exhilarating in this competitive market! But before closing on your new home you will want to do one final walkthrough through the property. While a good home inspector will take care of the heavy lifting for you, there are certain things worth checking off your own list. This essential cheat sheet can help you know what to look for to ensure the home meets your expectations. 

(1) Take Measurements
Depending on the type of furniture you own, you may need to measure the door frames and first-floor windows to get larger items through. Because your new residence will likely feature different size rooms, hallways, and other spaces than your current home, measure your furniture to determine if it will fit or if you will need to buy new pieces. Providing the measurements to movers will also help them determine how many crew members will be needed on moving day.

(2) Ensure Things are in Working Order
If the previous owners are leaving appliances, give them a test to be sure they are in working order. Test the air conditioning, heat, plumbing, and security system. One test that new buyers often forget is to check all outlets. This can be done by bringing your phone charger and going room to room to test. Open and close the windows to ensure they are in working order. Check the screens for tears and rips, frames for cracks, and anything else that may be an issue later. The home should be equipped with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, so check those too. Lastly, use this opportunity to confirm the seller repaired all agreed-upon items as discussed below.

(3) Look for New Damage
A home inspection often happens weeks before closing. But during the final walkthrough you should look over the house to confirm there is no new damage such as water leaks or non-working appliances, that has occurred after the inspection. To the extent there are any new items in need of repair, now is a good time for your agent to discuss any issues or concerns with the listing agent.

(4) Final Walkthrough Advice 
Overall, you want to confirm the home and property are in the same condition (or better!) that you agreed on when you put in an offer and signed the contract. If something seems different, bring it up immediately so it can be resolved before the closing.

(5) After the Closing
Congratulations! You closed on a new home! Before moving in you will want to change the locks, do any repairs, paint, and replace any appliances, if necessary. Taking care of the minor details before moving in means you can fully enjoy your home once your belongings are in place. The bottom line is doing your own final walkthrough will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your new home. 


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