Latest Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

David Hatef

Over the years, the role of the kitchen has changed from strictly a place to prepare meals and wash dishes to the heart of the home where families gather, people entertain and memories are made. Now, the kitchen is often a make or break feature in the home search and for those who compromise, many decide to remodel and make it their own.

Here are the top kitchen trends in remodeling we expect to see this year.


In an age where you can get your phone, computer and even your car to operate as your personal assistant, technology is more present than ever and the kitchen is no exception. A smart kitchen is made of more than a fancy coffee maker or fridge with sophisticated sensors; today, it means faucets with motion-sense capability, a fridge that can warn you when it’s time to buy more groceries and a gadget that monitors your eggs, alerting you when they are going bad. To top it off, most can be managed from your smartphone or tablet, making for a truly integrated tech experience in the kitchen.


While many trends come and go, the classic appeal of a black and white kitchen will never go out of style. High contrast between a sleek black granite countertop and crisp white cabinets creates a timeless juxtaposition that will retain its value over time. Darker grey countertops are also seeing a renaissance, which can be complemented by a light quartz countertop and a sleek subway tile backsplash.


As the focal point of the home, more and more modern kitchens feature large islands that function as prep, serving, and dining space. To transform an island from a countertop to an architectural design element in your home, try mixing materials for a unique look. Possible combinations include a butcher block counter with a granite bar or a custom island made from reclaimed rustic wood with metal accents.

​​​​​​​​​​​​If you’re considering a smaller-scale remodel, look no further than swapping out dated fixtures for a modern refresh. To instantly upgrade your sink, go for a polished chrome high-clearance faucet with minimalist lines, and for a consistent contemporary look, switch tired cabinet and drawer hardware to metal, line-and-angle pulls.


One of the biggest must-haves when many design a kitchen is storage space. The way in which shelves and drawers are structured and organized can have a substantial impact on efficiency and your ability to store your largest and smallest items effectively. Storage solutions to counter popular challenges include drawer dividers for smaller miscellaneous items, pull-out shelving for spices and condiments, lazy Susan built-in caddies for pots and pans, and deep pull-out drawers for garbage and recycle cans. If you are replacing cabinetry altogether, it’s best to go custom.


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