The $35m Mystery

David Hatef

In 2017, wtop reported the highest sale in the Washington, DC area was $35 million, in McLean, Virginia, located next to Jackie Kennedy’s childhood Merrywood estate. This is the most expensive sale in the DC region in recent memory and, quite possibly, ever. But the transaction details remain a tantalizing mystery.

Here’s what we know about the potentially record-breaking $35M sale. The home is located at 750 Chain Bridge Rd., a luxurious area next to the Potomac River. The house is situated on a 6.5 acre lot and approximately 12,000 square feet, including six bedrooms and seven full baths. Unfortunately, no photographs of the house are available, nor have we seen any snapshots from online services like Google Street View.

With a scarcity of information, details on the home sale are limited. We can, however, tell you who sold the home: Dwight Schar, successful business man, co-founder of NVR, Inc. and partial owner of the Washington Redskins.  The buyer, listed as CBR LLC, remains unknown.

This particular sale was known as an off market sale - a private transaction that bypasses the traditionally public information available for listings. This can occur for a couple reasons.  One, is that the seller needs to sell quickly and doesn’t have time for the usual advertising. And two, when the seller is seeking discretion, a common practice for public figures or high-profile individuals.

Despite the extremely private circumstances, the $35M price tag would be significantly higher than any other sale in the Washington, DC metro area last year. The second highest selling home in DC sold for $14 million, less than half of the top selling price. 

​​​​​​​This second sale is located in Washington DC’s Woodley Park neighborhood, at 2817 Woodland Dr. NW. Built in 1962, it is four decades older than the $35 million house. The stately mansion built in federal style boasts 7,700 square feet of space, seven full baths, and seven bedrooms. 


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