The Value Of Instagram For Marketing Properties

David Hatef

Looking to boost the number of views on your home listing?

​​​​​​​Trying to sell your home without any luck?

Combining both real estate and social media expertise, realtors can utilize Instagram to market luxury home and property real estate listings.

How It’s Done

As a social media giant, Instagram provides a platform for users to post pictures and videos recording their daily experiences. However, this platform is not just for the average person. Various businesses and corporations are utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool to advertise their products, services, and offerings. While the platform may only seem suitable for product marketing, Instagram is a powerful way to market property listings.

Instagram allows realtors to showcase homes and properties in a dynamic way by providing:

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Video property walkthroughs
  • Drone videography and photography (in compliance with FAA guidelines)
  • High-quality room photography
  • Videos showcasing nearby attractions

​​​​​​​Even with a moderate presence on Instagram, realtors can post high quality real estate media and listings. The ability to share pictures and videos instantaneously to followers and other potential homebuyers is a powerful tool that agents have been able to leverage.

​​​​​​​But wait, will this help you sell your home? Absolutely.

Benefits and Features

Applying Instagram’s “geotagging” or location tagging feature is important to the success of the strategy. If a user searches for a certain location in Instagram, then all pictures that are tagged with that location will appear. Specifically, users can search for homes or real estate in a certain location which will result in property listings and other real estate related posts.

Hashtags have allowed for a unique feature to link multiple photos and postings to one hashtag. If a user searches for a hashtag, all pictures and media with that hashtag will be visible to that user. This is beneficial when a unique hashtag is trending or popular amongst a particular audience.

The Discover page allows users to “discover” posts of others they do not follow, and that they may not otherwise see. Users geographically located within a certain radius can be seen on one’s Discover page. In addition, other users that are not directly followed by one user can be found in the Discover page. This can be helpful for realtors to expand their reach beyond their followers. 

​​​​​​​Regarding potential buyer reach and audience, Instagram serves as a tool that can target a specific audience through sponsored ads. These paid ads show on the normal timeline feed of users. These ads allow for the post to only be visible to users within a certain location and demographic, and users that have certain behaviors or interests. Instagram monitors ads its users click and accounts they follow, as well as other metrics that ensure sponsored ads are seen by the right audience.


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