Top Design Trends Of 2018

David Hatef

From resolutions to healthier habits, the New Year is all about  fresh starts from your diet to your workplace to your home décor. Every year, new trends sweep the design world, and we’ve got your guide to 2018’s hottest fads for your home.


Long gone are the days of shades of white and grey. For 2018, uninspired, tired colors without contrast are out and pastels are in. Sherbet colors like pistachio, rose and even light mustard yellow are just a few of the hues that are bringing color back to décor and you may soon start seeing them not only on the walls but also on furniture, in rugs and other accents, and in fashion.


Contrasted with 2017, the year of Scandinavian-chic style and minimalist living, 2018 will show a return to the ‘80s maximalist trend, featuring larger furniture pieces, whimsical décor and varied metals and finishes. To execute this style in your home, try layering textured rugs, replacing beige furniture with brightly colored bold couches and lacquer tables with metal trim, and experimenting with patterned wallpaper on your walls.


Traditionally reserved for an entryway or above a kitchen island, pendants used to only work well in small spaces. But this year they are making a comeback, replacing chandeliers across the home and making living, dining and bedrooms feel warm and inviting. Oversize pendants not only bring light, but they also add a finishing touch to a space, functioning both as a focal point in the room and a piece of art.


In 2018, people are shying away from the perfectly decorated, catalog-inspired space and gravitating towards curated design, tied together by experiences, unique items and personal history. Collections of books, art and other objects picked up over time will replace cookie-cutter décor elements in 2018, creating personal and cozy spaces unlike any other.


In the same vein as the previous trend, decorators and homeowners will look for comfort over perfection in the New Year. From plush fabrics like colored velvets to comfortable decorative elements like vintage Moroccan poufs, tactile elements will have a bigger presence in 2018 across all rooms of the home.


Greenhouse-inspired interiors gained popularity at the tail end of 2017, and will remain a hot trend in 2018. 


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